Monday, August 15, 2011

Carpathian Woodoo

This band contribution is some good news for the ones who did enjoy the demo by the Hungarian band Urania that I've posted last december: Urania is back!
They have released a new EP Called Carpathian Woodoo. This EP is full with excellent Instrumental Space /Stoner tracks. Carpathian Woodoo is a continuation of what Urania has done on their demo. There is one surprising thing: Some tracks are influenced with Native American music (Totem). Further is nothing changed. The guitar still sounds awesome. Just as the rhythm section does. A surprisingly great EP! Enjoy and support this band!

URANIA was founded in 2005 by Andy66 - bass, Robi - drum, Aiwass - guitar. Later Doki joined as vox. In 2010 spring the line-up was: Doki, Aiwass, Feri - drum, Pisti - bass, and they were jamming through that summer and buried URANIA in smoke and booze, finally. On winter in that year, Aiwass was left alone and he recorded approximately 20 songs at his home. Then he send an 8 tracking demo to the hungarian stoner blog. The blog decide to hype this band and help it to get some reputation, furthermore Rico RokkaRolla (ex-Born33 guitarist, member of stoner rock blog team, Hungary) elected to help this music present on stage, live. Marton Zoli (Joystix, Acoustix, Holy Shit!) joined them as bass. So, they looking for an awesome drummer (and gigs, of course), or they have to use 'Roland' on concert. If the rehearsals go ok, there would be a gig with the greece space rock band, Brotherhood Of Sleep, in Budapest.
(Their bio)

Urania - Carpathian Woodoo (2011)

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