Monday, August 15, 2011

Visual Violence

Do you remember that Argentinian Sludge/Stoner/Doom duo Cabrocordero? I've posted their debut EP about a year ago here.
Now this bass and drum sensation is back with their full-length album called Namastie Qoh. This album is a continuation of what they have done on the EP Ofrenda Inicial. The result is an awesome album that is full of heavy tunes. The bass sounds like a mean roaring beast, the drummer plays some great rhythms and the vocals are an impressive topping on the instrumental part. The album Namastie Qoh is all with all an excellent return of the band Cabrocordero! Enjoy!

Recorded at the Abasto, with the production of Topo Armetta (Dragonauta, 8Hands for Kali, Los Natas) and released under the independent label the band of The Ancient Records.
The 9 tracks goes through to ultra speed a blend of alternative and classics metals translated from a bass & drums, with spiritual, transcendental and realistic lyrics.
(Liner notes)

Cabrocordero - Namastie Qoh (2011)

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