Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Into The Unknown

Forging A New Path is the second release by the band Mother Of God. This quartet from Smedjebacken, Sweden plays some excellent Grunge influenced Stoner Rock. These guys offer huge guitar riffs with a nice bass/drum combination. There are also great vocals to complete it all. This EP rocks! All of the four songs are great. They're nicely heavy.
I'm curious for the first release of this brilliant band. Enjoy!

Woke up at dawn and felt a strong belief in nature spirits, looked out. Black shape. I went to the nearby forest and the journey had begun. Without a direct way, I went through the woods and crossed mountains. Suddenly elated by light, I was under the raven's wings. Numb. Awakened by a thud and the silhouettes of the three. Embrace..
The circle was complete.
(From their Facebook page)

Mother Of God - Forging A New Path (2011)


Vince said...

Thx for this one!

Quote: "I'm curious for the first release of this brilliant band"

Do you mean their self-titled from 2009? Or do you mean their first full one, comin' up one day?

I would be glad to help you out with their ST.

Vince said...

Well, the songs of the ST are on