Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Cats On The Prowl

The next band contribution comes from the beautiful capitol of Greece, Athens.
Super Puma is an Alternative Experimental Rock 'n' Roll band with a pretty unique sound. The characteristics of this four-piece band are the great guitar riffs with nice drum rhythms and the awesome vocals. The sound of Super Puma contains also some elements of Punk and Blues.
Super Puma is not an everyday band, so I suggest you listen to this album and maybe you will appreciate Big Cats On The Prowl. Enjoy!

SuperPuma formed in the summer of 2007 and they play loud rock 'n' roll with experimental / blues and alternative / punk elements.
They have appeared occasionally in various Athenian venues.
SuperPuma are: Lefty (vocals), Danny (guitar), Billy (bass) and Nodes (drums).
In 2009 they recorded a four track demo in mini-cdr format and DIY feel entitled «Speed ​​The Plow».
They just completed their first full length album titled «Big Cats on the Prowl». It contains 9 new tracks and the first 500 copies come with a 36 page comic booklet.
(Their Bio)

Super Puma - Big Cats On The Prowl (2011)

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Mr. Wasted said...

I'm from Greece and didn't even know this band...they make great music.Thanx for the introduction!