Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time Heals No Wounds

This heavy contribution comes from Columbus, Ohio, USA.
Traitors Return To Earth is a four piece band that plays Sludge/Stoner/Doom with Psychedelic tendencies. The purpose of this band is to play the heaviest music ever possible and to play it loud as hell! Well, Traitors Return To Earth did succeed on that mission. Their EP Smoke Screen is an example of sheer heaviness. The guitars sounds awesome, the drums and bass are pounding and droning. And there are these vocals, these screams make the sound of Traitors Return To Earth complete.
Smoke Screen is an awesome EP that will for sure be appreciated by those who adore bands like Sleep, High On Fire, Yob and Electric Wizard. Enjoy!

Traitors Return to Earth formed in July of 2010 for one reason and one
reason only, that is to play the heaviest music possible at the most
unreasonable volumes. The band is influenced heavily by Sleep,
Electric Wizard, High on Fire, YOB, Sons of Otis, Weedeater and many
more. In August of 2011 they released their EP titled “Smoke screen”.
The EP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Samakis in March and
April of 2011. Since the completion of the EP Scott Simmons has
decided to depart from the band to peruse other interests.
(Their bio)

Band line until release of EP:

Chris Sherrod- Vocals
Kevin Masters- Guitars
Scott Simmons- Bass
Justin Ringle- Drums

Traitors Return To Earth - Smoke Screen (2011)

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