Sunday, August 28, 2011

Whiskey Rivers

Thanks to the guys from the band Crimson Stone for sending their promo EP!
Crimson Stone is a band from the Spanish isle Gran Canaria. This trio plays some Stoner driven Hard Rock music. Their promo EP called Rock Marshals contains four tracks of energetic Hard Rock music with a great sound. The songs are mostly up-tempo with a kick-ass attitude. Do not expect any drawn-out musical escapades or lengthy Psychedelic pieces. Crimson Stone is not such a band. They're more to-the-point and straight forward. Enjoy and support this band!

CRIMSON STONE is a rock band formed in 2005. Bob (Guitars & Vocals) recorded some songs at his home studio the same year and they became the first demo: SATAN IS IN LOVE WITH STONER ROCK. When Fred (Bass & Backing Vocals) listened to those tracks, he told Bob: “Hey dude, it’s time to rock”. A few months later, Sam (drums) joined the band. In 2008 they edited their first long play: “From Hell They Came” which had very good reviews by the media.

ROCK MASHALS is part of our new material. Here you can find what the band is; A PURE HARD ROCK MACHINE!
(Their bio from Facebook)

Crimson Stone - Rock Marshals (2011)

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