Monday, August 15, 2011


The next band contribution is The Heavy Co. a.k.a. The Heavy Company or shortened to THC. This trio from Lafayette and Indianapolis, USA plays some impressive Psychedelic Stoner Rock. Their free download debut EP The Heavy (Please Tune In…) is an outstanding piece of music.
THC (I love this abbreviation) is according to their Facebook page influenced by the following bands: Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Fu Manchu, Nebula and Clutch.
Beside the Stoner sound are also the vibes of the seventies clearly present in their music. All the six songs on this EP are high quality compositions. Enjoy!

Formed in the Fall of 2008, the Heavy Co. has been steadily working on writing, recording, and performing distinctive psychedelic rock music that combines the vibe of classic rock, the acid flashbacks of Haight-Ashbury and Swinging London, and the improvisational driven live experience of the jam band scene. The band was formed by members of Indiana’s burgeoning doom/stoner rock scene seeking a subtler approach to getting spaced and fuzzy, musically speaking.

Greatly influenced by the giants of classic rock such as Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin, the Heavy Co. also gives credit to modern underground rockers Fu Manchu, Nebula, and Clutch for helping form the power trio’s unique approach to blues-driven, grooved-out psychedelia.

THC's debut EP "The Heavy (Please Tune In...) was release on March 8 via download on and made it to #1 on the Psychedelic and Jamband tags and #3 on the Stoner Rock tag. THC is currently gearing up for their second EP titled "Midwest Electric" which should be out Spring 2012. The Heavy Company's guitarist and singer Ian Gerber has described the new material as "...more Crazy Horse and less CSN&Y." Please tune in…
(From Facebook)

The Heavy Co. - The Heavy (Please Tune In…) (2011)

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