Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spaced Out In Leiden.

Are you familiar with Øresund Space Collective? Do you like Totally Improvised Space Rock? Then you have to listen to this one. It is the recording of their show from june 21 at Sub071, Leiden, Holland.
This recording gives you an impression of a nice evening that I had in that small venue together with about twentyfive others. The vibe was really great that night and it was also shown by the members of Øresund Space Collective. The jams were excellent and it was great to see the gently bobbling heads of the musicians while joints were passed on the stage (and among the audience!).
I'm glad that Øresund Space Collective have recorded their shows, so I can re-experience this one over and over again. It's a great souvenir! Enjoy!

The Øresund (ur-re-suun) Space Collective is a one of a kind musical project. We are a collective of musicians from Denmark and Sweden that play entirely improvised rock music. No songs, no pre-constructed rhythms, just pure musical energy generated from the heart of the musicians. Name another band that sets up on the stage and just plays for 2, 3 or even 5 hr concerts for the fans?? I guess you can’t? Musically the band is inspired by a large number of bands on the space rock scene like Hawkwind, Ozric Tentacles, Hidria Spacefolk but equally so by 70’s bands like GONG, Sly and the Family stone, and Miles Davis.

The band has been creating music since 2005, when they played their first live concert. Before this the collective was mainly the musicians from Mantric Muse (Denmark) and Bland Bladen (Sweden), joining together with Dr. Space for free form jam sessions in the rehearsal room. Since this time the collective has grown and incorporates excellent musicians from a number of groups including the Carpet Knights (Sweden), Siena Root (Sweden), Causa Sui (Denmark), The Univerzals (Denmark), and several other groups. Most recently, the band played live and in the studio with Danish guitar legend, Claus Bøhling from Hurdy Gurdy and Secret Oyster fame.

The has played and headlined many festivals in Europe including Space Rock Odyssey (Sweden), Slotsskogen goes Progressive (Sweden), Kildemose Festival (Denmark), Space Force One (Finland), Psychedelic Network (Germany), Roadburn Festival (Holland), Occultrance Festival (Belgium) and will in Sept go and play one of the first psychedelic rock music festivals in India!

The band has released 10 albums. since the debut in Jan 2006 on the Transubstans Label out of Sweden. In 2011 the band has or will release 4 records, including a double vinyl only release from their appearance at the legendary, Roadburn Festival in Holland.

(The bio from Facebook)

Øresund Space Collective - Øresund Space Jam 76 At Sub071, Leiden, Holland (7/21/2011)


Ron said...

shame that only 25 people showed up,
I bet you had a blast of an evening.

Mari said...

Awesome! Thanks so much!
Only 25 people? Ah, pity! But it must have been an awesome and very intimate show. Useless to say, I'm very very envious ... :-)

Insane Riez said...

Yeah, I had a great night!
But it can be even worse. Last year in The Hague there were about 15 people at an Øresund Space Collective show.

But the most shocking thing I experienced this year was a Mars Red Sky show in Utrecht. When they started to play there were just twenty people. And here comes the real shocking part: At the end of that show there were only six people left. It was so sad! Especially for Mars Red Sky!