Sunday, August 28, 2011


Judd Madden is a guy from Melbourne, Australia. This man is a multi instrumentalist who has recorded at his own three albums.
His latest release is the album Drown. This album contains seven tracks of outstanding Instrumental Stoner Doom. Judd excells on his guitar. The riffs are really stunning. He does also a great job on the drums. The rhythms are grooving aswell lingering. Beside the guitar and drums, Judd knows how to handle the bass. The result of this all is an album with experimental and heavy songs with an awesome sound. These compositions are really great and very authentic.
You can download the album Drown for free at Bandcamp, just as the albums Float and Waterfall. The file contains also a interview with Judd Madden by Judd Madden! Enjoy!

Judd Madden - Drown (2011)

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