Wednesday, August 24, 2011


There is maybe a financial crisis going on in Greece, but that does not count for the Greek music scene! This band contribution is a proof of that fact!
The Bliss is a band from the nice harbour city Piraeus. This quartet plays mainly Grunge with several influences such as Stoner Rock and as they call it Japanese Classical Music.
The result is outstanding! With their album Gabbatha, The Bliss offers over one hour of awesome music. Gabbatha is a varied album with songs that are heavy and some songs that are more serene. The Bliss has really a sound of their own, but there are two bands that come to mind. That are Alice In Chains and Tool. In any case, The Bliss has released a truly beautiful album. Enjoy and support these guys!

We are "THE BLISS". A music trio from Piraeus Greece.We were formed in 2000 and we create music together ever since. About one year after we got together, we recorded our first demo, "BODYCODE" (2001) and after one more year our second demo recording, "ASSEMBLE"(2003). Our past influences stemmed from the early scene of Seattle, back in the 90's. Through the years, our inspiration started to become more complicated and our influences derived from various sounds and patterns that you find in greek traditional and other kinds of progressive rock bands. During that time we participated in two compilation cd's (IN THE JUNKYARD vol 2.,IN THE JUNKYARD vol 3.) released by Spinalonga records which is a non profit label organized by the bands, in Athens. All these years we've been performing all around our country, in small and big festivals,and sharing the stage with small and even bigger bands such as NIGHTSTALKER, EARTHBOUND, ECHO TATTOO, PLANET OF ZEUS, LUCKY FUNERAL, DEUS EX MACHINA and many more.Also we were the openning act for FAITH NO MORE reunion in Athens,in 2009. Meanwhile, we were experimenting and recording new material for our debut album "GABBATHA". In the mean time we are really interested in finding ways to promote our music by touring around the world and also seeking for an interesting deal with a record label.
(Their bio)

The Bliss - Gabbatha (2011)

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