Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today is Technicolor

Thanks again to Blair Kodman, the manager of Heavy Glow, for sharing this album!
About a year ago I've posted the EP The Filth And The Fury by the band Heavy Glow.
Now is Heavy Glow back with their brand new album Midnight Moan. This album is a continuation on their previous releases. This trio from San Diego offers again a nice mixture of Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock and Psychedelics with influences of 60's and 70's Rock.
Heavy Glow shows again their musical abilities. The nine songs they wrote for Midnight Moan are stunning! The voice of Jared is just as phenomenal as on their previous work.
The highlights of this album are: Lose My Mind, Today is Technicolor (One Step Closer), All My Money and Collide. Enjoy!

Heavy Glow was formed in 2008 in San Diego. The hard rock trio recorded its first EP at Velvet Revolver’s Studio in Los Angeles with legendary producer Stevie Salas.

The self-titled debut EP captures the band’s ability to communicate raw, visceral music. Recorded in just 4 days, it was released to favorable reviews and international airplay. FOX’s new detective series “The Good Guys” used “Grinning in the Dark” in the soundtrack for its second episode.

The band is often compared to the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Blue Cheer and The Black Keys. The band strives for hard-hitting, gritty, infectious and melodic rhythms to create a sound that is both informed by the past and undeniably modern.

With the addition of new drummer Dan Kurtz in 2009, the band released a follow-up entitled “The Filth & the Fury.” The EP contains 5 songs, all cut with the band playing live in one room over a period of six hours. Classic Rock Magazine distributed the song “Hot Mess” in the sampler CD for its July issue. The EP was nominated for “Best Rock Album of the Year” at the 2010 San Diego Music Awards.

The band has toured the South West extensively with shows in San Diego, L.A, Las Vegas, and Arizona and has been featured in magazines as varying as Nug Magazine, High Times Magazine, and Classic Rock Magazine. Their music has been played in over 22 countries.

(Their bio)

Heavy Glow - Midnight Moan (2011)


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