Monday, June 27, 2011

It's All A Lie

Thanks to the band Câimbra for this contribution!
Câimbra is a fivesome from São Paulo, brazil. This band plays Sludge/Stoner Metal, where the emphasis very much is on Metal and less on Sludge and Stoner. Nevertheless, this band plays their music quite well. There are even some Hardcore influences present in their sound.
Their EP called É Tudo Uma Mentira (It's All A Lie) contains five tracks which sound all very decent. All of the lyrics are sung in Portugese, so I don't have any clue of what issues they're singing about.
I guess this is Câimbra's first release and it is really a good EP. Go check it out and support these guys! Enjoy!

"Câimbra (cramps) is a sensation that gets you from nowhere, an answer to intensive repetitive movements that is so ubearable it would make you want to die if it lasted just another minute.
We're talking about brazilian band Câimbra and their debut EP, "É Tudo Uma Mentira", that sounds just like the physical pain itself. A pain so cruel and relentless it's only compared to reality.
Composed by two brutal guitars, disturbed basslines, slightly diabolical drums and frightening vocals, Câimbra's sound won't leave you alone.
Here there is no peace or sense at all, only unstoppable search. What and why is it searched remains obliterated by the desperate urgency in this act."

(Their bio)

Câimbra - É Tudo Uma Mentira (2011)


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Marcello 'Maddy Lee' L. said...

Hi, Insano!
Translating the track titles:
1. Cramps
2. Come Over (Me)
3. (I Am) Right Of Being Sane
4. It's All A Lie

Got no time to hear accurately but does it make any difference? ;D

Thanks for presenting me a brazilian band!


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Very good!

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