Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Macho Libre

The following contribution comes from Athens, Greece.
Planet Of Zeus is a Heavy Rock band with Stoner, Southern Rock and Metal influences. This foursome has recently released their second album Macho Libre at B-Otherside Records. The sound that they present is pretty solid. The singer has an impressive voice that reminds a bit of Neil Fallon from Clutch. The guitar sound is very great, just as the bass and drums.
Macho Libre is an album with eleven strong compositions. Just as a lot of other bands, Planet Of Zeus is a great asset in the Greek Stoner Rock scene. Enjoy!

Planet of Zeus are a heavy rock, southern metal band from Athens, Greece. Were formed in 2000 and since then have extensively toured around Greece, playing in every venue possible, ranging from shitholes to stadiums. Their raw , sincere and constantly evolving live performances have secured them a loyal and hardcore underground following , which exceeds Greece's geographical boarders and has led them to sharing the stage with acts like Hermano and Brant Bjork.

Following the release of several compilations, that included some of their songs, but especially after the release of their track “Nervous Breakdown” , which became a heavy rock dj favorite, Planet of Zeus released their debut album “ Eleven the hard way” in April 2008. The album, which has sold out, was released worldwide through Casket Music / Copro records (uk) and received attention and reviews beyond expectation.

(Their bio)

Planet Of Zeus - Macho Libre (2011)

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