Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cross The Skull River

Thanks Gloria from the band A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm for sharing their album!
From Toulouse, France comes the band with the odd name A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm. This foursome plays some incredible Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal. The songs on their debut album Primary Septagon are a paragon of heaviness! These tunes has everything it needs: Awesome guitars, very great vocals and heavily pounding bass and drums.
The songs themselves are very strong compositions. Needless to say that we are dealing with a masterpiece! Enjoy!

Formed in 2009, A VERY OLD GHOST BEHIND THE FARM is based on a visceral desire to break down barriers between doom, sludge, blackened metal, stoner and crust. You will find in this mass grave the scattered remains of a moribund Black Sabbath, some putrefying limbs of Acid Bath and the emaciated corpse of Khanate violating the consanguineous carcasses of Eyehategod and Crowbar.

"The result is ranging from thrilling mid-tempo doomed anthems and some bastard up- tempo savage straight-in-your-face aggression.” —
"The songs have the typical occult edge you expect from so many doom bands these days but they are constantly throwing you a curve-ball...” — Doommantia
"All that sticks to your skin, whether in heavy "doomesque" shipments or with more speed tempos of a disturbed Southern rock ..." - Pavillon 666

After the release of an EP, then a debut album, "Primary Septagon", acclaimed by the critics, and concerts with bands like Coliseum (U.S.), Drawers (FR) and Dwail (FR), the Old Ghost is ready to come back on stage.
The band is opened to any proposal for concert / festival in France.

Sometimes shall you hear the voices of very ancient ghosts.
Sometimes shall you feel the touch of some diabolic spell.
Sometimes shall you behold what hides behind the farm.

(Their bio)

A Very Old Ghost Behind The Farm - Primary Septagon (2010)

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