Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom

The Saint Petersburg Stoner band The Grand Astoria is back again with this upcoming 7" single. These two tracks are a continuation of their sound that is presented on their latest album Omnipresence.
The first track is the title track called Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom. This is a great Stoner song with some Space influences. The second track is named Enigma Satanica, an awesome instrumental track. The physical copy will be released by Setalight Records on july 19th. Before that time you can download this single from their Bandcamp site for 3 Euros or more if you want to.
Check out also the dates for the third leg of the Omnipresence World Tour.

The Grand Astoria - Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom (2011)

Third leg of the Omnipresence World Tour:

15.7-tba-Riga (Latvia)
16.7-"Pogo"-Siauliai (Lithuania)
17.7-"Dokas"-Klaipeda (Lithuania)
18.7-"Boogie Bar"-Warsaw (Poland)
19.7-"Koma F"-Berlin (Germany)
20.7-tba-Berlin (Germany)
21.7-"Circus"-Usti Nad Labem (Czech Republic)
22.7-"E-Lite Culture Fest"-Stolzenhein (Germany)
23.7-"Mushroom Jam"-Kirchanschöring (Germany)
26.7-"Oli's"-Nuremberg (Germany)
28.7-"D.I.Rehearsal Space"-Munster (Germany)
29.7-"The Barn"-Drebber (Germany)
30.7-"Vortex"-Siegen (Germany)
31.7-"Vereinshoes"-Vaals (Netherlands)
2.8-tba-Lille (France)
3.8-"L'excalibur"-Reims (France)
4.8-tba-Paris (France)
5.8-"Le Galion"-Lorient (France)
6.8-"Le Galion"-Lorient (France)
7.8-"Folks Blues Festival"-Binic (France)
11.8-"Taberna Belfast"-Leon (Spain)
13.8-"Ovelha Negra"-Marina Grande (Portugal)
16.8 -"Studio Live"-Lisbon (Portugal)
19.8-"Fnac"-Faro (Portugal)
20.8-"Bafo De Baco"-Loule (Portugal)
21.8-"Supersonic"-Cadiz (Spain)
22.8-"Palo Palo"-Marinaleda (Spain)
23.8-"Velvet"-Malaga (Spain)

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