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No Man's Land

The Italian label Go Down Records has released some awesome albums. Sequoia Seeds by Pater Nembrot is such an album.
Pater Nembrot is an Italian trio that plays some hell of a great Psychedelic Stoner Rock with Space, Grunge and even some Doom influences.
What I also like about Sequoia Seeds is the use of flute and synthesizers.
According to their MySpace, Pater Nembrot is inspired by the following: Agitation Free, Ash Ra Tempel, PFM, Osanna, Il Balletto di Bronzo, Il Rovescio della Medaglia, Patto, T2, Soft Machine, Blue Cheer, Grand Funk Railroad, Stooges, Mad Season, Big Chief, Melvins, Nirvana, Monster Magnet, Motorpsycho, Kyuss, Dead Meadow, Sleep, Causa Sui, Miles Davis, Sun Ra Arkestra.
Sequoia Seeds is the second album by Pater Nembrot and it absolutely an masterpiece with as highlight the final track No Man's Land! Enjoy!

Pater Nembrot formed in winter 2002 but it's in 2003 the band reaches its actual line up, with G.C. on drums, G.F. on bass and F.L. on voice, guitar and synthetizer. On late summer 2007, after many gigs, live efforts and fun, the band decides to record its new material at the Atomic Studio, with Enrico Zavalloni ( a.k.a. ENRi, who has collaborated with many national and international artist and rock guru, such as Faith no More's Mike Patton, playing with him in the Mondo Cane project!!!). The results of those recording sessions is "MANDRIA": 11 tracks of pure stoner, psychedelic rock'n'roll, suspended between Italian 70's progressive and Seattle muddy guitars: from Hendrix's to Cobain's one. "MANDRIA" will be released by GO DOWN RECORDS on september 2008 and it will be distributed in Italy, Europe and USA. At this moment, it's possible to hear some PATER NEMBROT vibes on "MANDRIA e.p." that collects 4 songs extracted from the omonimous album, or FREE downloading the first compilation of the deutch 70's/stoner/psych webzine, called "Electric-Magic Vol. I", which includes the song "E' Permesso?".

Pater Nembrot “Sequoia Seeds” is an envolving psychedelic rock journey across spacy, 70’s and post-grunge lands. The album – that will be officially released in February 2011 in mp3, cd and vynil format by Godown Records – features progressive legend Enzo Vita (original founder of the Italian progressive band Il Rovescio della Medaglia) on guitars. Vita joined the band during the recording sessions of Sequoia Seeds at the Atomic Studio (IT) in summer 2010 and played on the prog-rock anthem Ratla Klim, adding oddity to Awakening with Curiosity, and contributing to the final suite called No Man’s Land.
But Vita is not the only good thing dealing with the album. Actually, “Sequoia Seeds” features as guest and co-producer ENRì (Mike’s Patton Mondo Cane, VIP200) on Hammond organ on H.a.a.r.p. This album manages – better than its predecessor “Mandria” (Godown Records, 2008) – in representing what Nembrots can do best: wavy atmosphere, drones, slow and groovy rithms, reverberated melodies and a general psychedelic attitude to things.
Sequoia Seeds will be officially released in February 2011 by Godown Records, but Nembrot will be touring their homecountry and Europe from January on.
During their live activity, Pater Nembrot shared the stage with some of the most interesting stoner/psychedelic rock acts such as Fatso Jetson (USA), Sleepy Sun (USA), OJM (ITA), Samsara Blues Experiment (DE), Rotor (DE), gaining the plause of people and critics

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Pater Nembrot - Sequoia Seeds (2011)

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