Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Damned Love

First of all I like to thank Max from Go Down Records and the band OJM for sending me a nice package of CD's from his label!
Damned Love from the band The Sade is one of these CD's. The Sade is a band from Padova, Italy. This trio is formed by Andrew of the band OJM and they play awesome music with various styles. The base of The Sade is Rock 'n' Roll, that is blended with Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, Blues and even a pinch of punk. The songs from Damned Love are most of the time up-tempo and energetic. Some of the vocals reminds me a lot of that guy from The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster. The highlight of this album is the last track called Alcoholizer. This is a delicious lingering song. In short terms: An excellent album! Enjoy!

THE SADE are a trio, hailing from the north east of Italy. They were born in the summer of 2008, thanks to Andrew Pozzy (former bass player and now guitar player of OJM) and Mark Kimberly, who at that time was playing in a Motorhead tribute band. The original idea was creating an OJM side project, in order for Andrew to practice guitar, which he had played in the band Ashtones, before joining OJM as a bass player. The duo was soon joined by Mat Zoombie, former drummer of Zoo.

After unsuccessfully auditioning several singers, Andrew himself picked up the mic and became the singer, guitarist and irreplaceable songwriter in the band. THE SADE immediately kicked off and played a number of crowded and warmly welcomed gigs in their area.

In 2009, after many live shows and counting about ten tracks in their whole repertoire, they set about making their first EP, recorded and mixed by Franz Fabiano and produced by Andrew Pozzy. This self produced ep contained 5 tracks that summed up the band's first year and as soon as it was ready they started a series of promotional live shows all over Italy, sharing the stage with many italian and foreign bands ( Lords of Altamont, Atomic Workers, Paperback Freud, Brant Bjork, OJM, Dollhouse, Small Jackets, Frigidaire Tango, Thee Stp among others) and opening for the MISFITS and GILBY CLARKE (ex Guns n' Roses). The tour ended in the summer of 2010 and the band concentrated on writing and arranging new tracks.

After a pause, punctuated with the odd live gig, the band set about making a debut album. In January 2011 they entered the studio and gave birth - with the essential help of Maurizio "Icio" Baggio - to
"DAMNED LOVE", which is distributed by Go Down Records and was recorded and mixed at the Hate studio in Rosà - Vicenza. Shortly after that they made a video for the album's first single "DEAF LOVE". The record will be released in April 2011 and the tour will start in the same period... Stay Tuned for more damned rock!!!
(Their bio)

The Sade - Damned Love (2011)


Mari said...

Thanks, Riez and Max!
I saw The Sade in concert in a squat here in Milano more than one year ago. They were opening for Small Jackets, and they were totally killer!!!

Bufftbone said...

I just posted my review of the album on The Soda Shop today. Awesome album people!

Fra said...

Thx Riez.

Anonymous said...

She's had a bit of a makeover since 'Smooth Operator' came out...