Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where The River Meets The Rock

Van Cleef is a Space/Stoner band from Adelaide, Australia. Their debut album Where The River Meets The Rock is a nice piece of work. The sound of Van Cleef is pretty unique. Beside the Space and Stoner influences, their is also some Blues and Southern Rock present in their sound. The album Where The River Meets The Rock has contains a collection of songs that can be described as surprising. The band plays their music with conviction and the singer has an awesome voice that comes close to Neil Fallon of Clutch. Needless to say that this album deserves to be heard. Oh.. And don't forget to check out the awesome video of the song Dalek Gulch! Enjoy!

1967 Impala; 350 smallblock running at speed around 2AM on a hot Los Angeles night. The top is down and your friends are screaming like angry raccoons in the bench seat beside you, but all you can hear is the roar of the crossover pipes on a 4barrel Edelbrock running rich... Why are they screaming ? Why do I smell unburnt gasoline? Why am I racing against a new-model Mercedes on this twisty road? Can I handle the diminishing-radius curve I know is approaching? Did I have two, three double tequilas? Was it more? Will there be Police buying coffee at 7-11 when I approach the checkout with an armful of malt liquor? If you have never asked yourself any of these questions you should avoid this album at all costs. It will blow out your BOSE speakers and your neighbors will call the FBI. Your yuppie friends will disown you & some teenager will spray a swastika on the hood of your Toyota in the parking lot at work. Van Cleef's debut album showcases a natural talent for heavy weirdness. "Barracuda Booty Boogie" starts it off with a reckless burn. If ZZ Top shaved themselves bald and robbed their way through the deep South, this is the song they'd be playing. "Gold" is the highlight of the album. Cleef goes straight for an oft-clichéd subject and pulls out a brilliant take on the California Night. For best results, pair with a fast run up Mulholland on a moonless evening full of crazed thoughts. That's merely the first two songs on this excellent CD. If you're looking for something new and unusual, give Where The River Meets The Rock a shot (or five). I guarantee you won't regret it. Your lawyer may raise objections but that's why you pay the bastard. You'll play it more than you expected.
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Van Cleef - Where The River Meets The Rock (2010)



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