Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Retreat To Space

This album was shared with me by Burdt from the band Aver. Thank you for that, Burdt!
Aver is a four headed band from Sydney, Australia. According to the band themselves Aver plays Stoner/Space Grunge. Well, I can agree with that description. But it is more than that. The sound of Aver is pretty unique. These guys play very good, so I wonder why this band is still not signed by any record label.
This debut album contains eight songs that can be classified as superb. (All of them!) The singer is really striking, his voice has a very distinctive sound. The songs are most of the time heavy and intense, but there's also room for some quiet and atmospheric parts. There is also the presence of didgeridoo and djembe. (The song Acid Rain starts and ends with didgeridoo. Very nice!)
The bottomline here is that Aver is an awesome band with an out of the ordinary sound. Go hear it and... Enjoy and support these guys!

Lock up your daughters! because AVER will be at her friend's house party screaming obscenities, hogging the stereo, breaking laws and vomiting in the swimming pool. Having just self-released their first album in April 2011, These unsigned 21-year-olds from Sydney, Australia have started out with a bang. Sounding like a radioactive Mudhoney took acid, smoked meth and played a gig underwater, this is Space/Stoner/Grunge for the thinking man, featuring didgeridoo, djembe and a scream that could strip paint. A style that defies genres. Spacey as shit, Heavy as fuck, No bullshit and No surrender. Get the headphones out for this one.
(By Michael Burrill, a local freelance)

Aver - Aver (2011)


Anonymous said...

ah thanx riez! a lot!

peter a

Anonymous said...

Best stoner shit i've heard in a long time