Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shaman's Visions

Ethereal Riffian is an Ukrainian trio featuring fellow blogger Stonezilla (SludgeSwamp, Robust Fellow and the Russian Stoner forum) on guitars and vocals. Together with SAF (bass), Southman (Guitar) and a bunch of guest musicians, Ethereal Riffian plays some excellent music. They play a combination of Psychedelic, Stoner Rock and Doom.
You wouldn't expect that this is a new band. But yet Ethereal Riffian is just founded in 2010! When you come up with an album like this in that short time, then you're really doing well!
The album Shaman's Visions contains five songs that are very impressive. The musicians have done an excellent job and Stonezilla has proven that he is a great singer!
Ethereal Riffian can easily be added to the list of the great surprises of 2011! If you want to order a physical copy, send a mail to: Enjoy!

Ethereal Riffian - Shaman's Visions (2011)

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