Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Look Mom! I Made A Death Machine

This EP was submitted by Keeran of the band Thorun!
Thorun is a four headed band from Cardiff, Wales. This band plays some very nice instrumental Stoner/Sludge with Doom and Metal influences. This free download EP is a reissue of the Thorun EP of 2010.
Thorun's music can be described as heavy and lumpish. This EP sounds truly awesome. The guitar riffs are great and the drums and bass beech nicely aggressive.
So if you're ready for some instrumental violence, this is your chance! Enjoy!

Thorun was born (prematurely) in early 2010 as two well-travelled, axe wielding Caerphilly idiots decided to “start a new band” after the fall of Cardiff based noise makers Circa Regna Tonat left Jonny without a creative home. With phase one complete Keeran and Jonny set out to find a rhythm section. After some over zealous forum posting and a bit of begging they found Mike and Neal ‘Chest’ and thus the two piece became a four. The band agreed on one thing….”it has to be slow, loud and a bit like Electric Wizard but without the vocals cause we don’t have a singer!” Things moved quickly as ideas turned in to riffs, riffs in to songs and songs in to more songs until the band had enough material to record a 5 track EP/Demo that they decided to give away over the magical intermaweb as a free download. Thorun are now playing live shows at a crap hole near you!
(Their pointless bio)

Thorun - EP 2010: Reprise (2011)

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