Tuesday, June 28, 2011

V Column

The following contribution was sent in by Tam Ali from the band Awooga!
Awooga is a trio from Sheffield, UK. This band plays some awesome Progressive Power Rock. The EP V Column is the second release and it contains five supurb songs. The guitar sound is excellent. It is full of spectecular effects. The singer does a great job, this guy has a very good voice. The rhythm section creates a solid base for the amazing music of Awooga.
Awooga doesn't play everyday's music, but it does for sure deserve a listen. Enjoy!

AWOOGA started in late 2008 jamming away in a cold little decrepit practice room in Sheffield city centre across from a 86 year old Master Steel Forger who once made knives for Bill Clinton and Elvis Presley. No lie, he showed us the photos.

AWOOGA are a 3 piece power trio that features: -

Tam Ali - Vocals and Bass Guitar
Taz Ali - Drums
James Borrowdale - Guitar

Our sound is heavy, melodic and atmospheric. It's a bit proggy and we have been told " you guys sound like a star exploding". Have a listen.

We spent a while writing and finding our sound and released the "OVER 9000" E.P. This enabled us to get gigs and get a good fan base. We have gigged at Corporation, West Street Live and have even covered Michael Jackson they day after he died.

We have just recorded our new 5 track album entitled " V Column". It's available for download on various sites and we are looking to tour near you in October 2011.

We have played with some really good bands in the past and still do now such as Stonerun, Saviours, Kruger, Downslide, and many more that we have been privileged to share bills with in the past.

(Their bio)

Awooga - V Column (2011)


Paul said...

Good tunes! thanks for posting!

greenman said...

Beautiful stuff! Loving it.