Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I MIss The Future

This album was shared with me by Twin Lakes Records!
Myty Konkeror is a band from the U.S.A. This band is hard to label. The music that Myty Konkeror plays goes from Noise to Stoner Rock, from Psychedelic to Alternative and from Grunge to Space Rock. What is clear is the important role of the guitar. The album I Miss The Future is absolutely a fine piece of work. There are only 200 copies printed on vinyl, so hurry if you want to obtain a copy! Enjoy!

Twin Lakes Records is proud to announce the release of a second edition of MYTY KONKEROR’s critically- acclaimed debut LP “I miss the future.”--a Copernican declaration of blow yr head off rock. Thanks to some stellar reviews and its inclusion in several end-of- year Best Of 2010 lists, we’ve sold out of our first edition lathe-cuts, placing orders from all over North America, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Finland, France, and the UK. We've already begun taking pre- orders on a second edition of 200 copies pressed to 140g white vinyl, officially out on March 12th.

Here’s what people are saying:
"First of all, the fact that so few people are going to own this album on vinyl is a damn shame, there’s an empty space in almost everyone’s collection for a record like this." --OMGVinyl

“The sounds of Connecticut’s MYTY KONKEROR are incendiary...Grainy guitar tones, steady drone distortion, rugged and rusted melodic fragments, and a commanding vocal delivery make I Miss The Future a must listen.”
--Cool Things I Find

“The album undulates from rolling psych rock (''sus Envy') to shoegaze ('Whitewash') effortlessly, embodying both styles with aplomb...already high up on my must haves for 2011.” --Sonic Masala

"If more than a small classroom’s worth of people had access to this record, who knows what could happen!" --YellowGreenRed
“In short, this is ‘myty’ buzzing and bruising guitar rock.” --MAGNET

Tracks like “Vastare”, “‘sus Envy”, “Cell Division” and “Whitewash” have seen consistent radio airplay from Jersey City's influential WFMU among others.
Since late 2006, Brooklyn/New Haven-based MYTY KONKEROR has played shows with some of underground rock’s most compelling acts, including Awesome Color, Blues Control, La Otracina, Spectre Folk, Monotract, Black Helicopter, and Ultrabunny.

Suggested tracks: ‘sus Envy, Cell Division, Vastare, Whitewash

(Press statement from Twin Lakes Records)

Myty Konkeror - I Miss The Future (2010)



Matias said...

yeah, this is really good.. sounds different but yet familiar, great one man!

Dr Dopo said...

That review sure built up my expectations and I gotta say I don't feel let down after listening to it. Matias is right, different but familiar. Reminds me a lot of 90's Motorpsycho. Great stuff!