Thursday, January 7, 2010

There's Too Much Stoner In Sweden!

Here's is another album Anders sended me. (And again: Thank you, Anders!)
Haiabusa is a Swedish Stoner Rock band. And yes, this is another great band. Every time I got surprised how many good bands there are in that country. (I wonder: How many fuzz pedals do they sell over there?) Haiabusa combines Stoner Rock with a piece of Doom and a bit of Metal. Sometimes they reminds me of the Truckfighters. Very great stuff! Enjoy!

Part 1:
"The Enchanter, the rings of Saturn and a vision..."

Some say it was a bummer in the summer back in 2003, when three men, brought togheter by the sapphire bullet of wildness, picked up their weapons, weapons of whom were made of pure cellulose from the depts of Moist Vaginias. The first of the three, Olof, the Prince of the great mountain Omberg, full of natures wisdom and wild ideas, as he dance, the moon turns the tides.
The vision came to him one sleepless night, a night when the rings of Saturn had stopped circulating around the planet, and the enchanter from the fourth sun, had gathered all of his powers to prevent the planet Hajabusa from imploding in disbelief. The vision projected images straight into his helpless mind, images of a king in need, an empire lost to mad Queen Wasp and her army of A-socials, the lost soul of the lonely Senhor Gusmao, whos struggle for love had crushed his heart twice, but never once.. Images of houses made out of candy, barbarian Pixies chopping down trees, fearless wasps destroying everything that comes in their way. At first he was afraid of what the vision had showed him, words could..nt describe the fear in his eyes when he told his friend Sir MatteBusa about it. Sir MatteBusa, the stick-shooting cowboy with gypsyblood running in his veins, abilities to transform into a human-battery, felt he had to help his friend, but he could..nt do it alone, the hymn tells us, he needed someone, something.. and he found it in Staffan, the scientist from the blue nebula, with his feeling for vibes, and stories from the northern star. And so, the three man army were completed and ready to spread the word from a lost planet far, far away... Hajabusa.
Part 2:
"Friend from the past."

As soon as the first tones had been played on the magical weapons, made out of pure cellulose by the pixies, a pilgrimsfalcon landed on Olofs shoulder, fortelling a message to him, a message of big importance to their mission. The falcon slowly wispered into his ear: "The answer you will find far north". Olof directly understood who had sent him the message, a friend from the past, a friend with wisdoms from other galaxys.. Jerry Silver, the wizard with silver hands, hands who could transform energy into sound. "We will travel north my friends, far north" Olof told his mates, as they packed their weapons and thoughts on the the shuttle to the snowy mountains in the far north, unaware of what adventures that was waiting for them. The enormous doors to Jerrys laboratory slightly opened with a cranking sound, and their eyes got burned by a magical light coming from a giant sphere in the roof. "Welcome my friends!" Said a voice, and a shape came out from the light, dancing madly backwards towards them, "You must be the group Hajabusa!". "So, shall we begin?" Jerry asked them, and they started playing. With his silvery hands, he formed a mysterious ball of shimmery red, threw it into a mystical machine, and out it came, the incredible sound of Hajabusa.
Part 3:
"The letter of sand"

When the three came back home, their first live appearance got booked at the Hårdstock festivalen in Tranås. The show turned out great, and inspiration to two new songs came after a report from Candyland, telling them about how Queen Wasp had started to conkering parts Moist Vaginias and enslaving Pixies, in order to get more cellulose for her evil empire.
This time, Jerry left the mountains in north, and traveled down to Tranås for the recording of the two new songs. The recording took place in a crypt down underground, tough it was the only place for wizard Jerry suited for him to perform his magic. Time went passing by, and a couple of more gigs were made, when suddenly a letter arriwed. The letter was signed by Senhor Ali Gusmao, who wrote about his lonely journeys through the desert, counting the grains of sand, thinking about his lost love, maybe the Princess of Candyland.. As soon as they had read the letter, it turned into sand, sippering thru their hands.. Sad things must also be remembered, the group thought, and so the final songs were recorded for the album, an album wich hopefully will tell you how the story ends, or how it all begins...

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Haiabusa - Haiabusa (2006)

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Great album! Sweden is out of control. many thanks