Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not So Stoner, But Quite Alright (Part 1)

Triggerfinger from Belgium is an Alternative Hard Rock trio. What Grabs Ya? is their debut album on the Excelsior Recordings label. This album brings you a variety of songs, some are raw and loud and others are more easy. But the essence here is that they sound a lot as QOTSA. So it's not a strange thing to say that the Queens Of The Stone Age has a major influence in modern Rock Music. I like this album a lot. Do you? Enjoy anyway!

This power trio’s live reputation long precedes the release of this self-titled debut album. A bit reluctant in trying to capture their dazzling live sound onto a record, they went for it anyway and – as the press happily admitted – they managed perfectly. This has become an album full of raw energy and heavy guitars, elegantly combined with honest, sensible en melodic songs. Or, as Dutch music magazine OOR put it: “a brilliant face-lift of the genre”. *** Sure, that prefabricated major label pop that is flooding the charts at the moment might be great on some occasions: while you’re working, on family outings, during a dinner party or at any other time that music just provides for a setting rather than distracts you. But once in a while you need music to be more than that. You want it to totally consume you. You want in to raise your adrenaline and make your heart pound faster. You want it to be subversive and raw. You want it to take your mind of anything and anyone. You turn up the volume and you just let it hit you in the face. *** It takes a certain magic to make that happen. Think of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Motörhead or, more recently, Queens of the Stone Age. Magic that is born out of bringing musicians together. With Ruben Block as an enigmatic frontman and high-precision guitar player, Monsieur Paul on bass and Belgium’s most wanted Mario Goossens on drums, also Triggerfinger became such a band where the unit adds up to more than the sum of the individual parts.
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Triggerfinger - What Grabs Ya? (2009)

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