Tuesday, January 19, 2010


No Offence Meant... Plenty Taken is the first album of the U.K. Noise Rock band Headcleaner. This album is pretty aggressive and does remind me a lot of The Jesus Lizard. Very great stuff!
It's hard to find any information about Headcleaner, even no website or MySpace. But take my word: You want to hear this! Enjoy!

Headcleaner - No Offence Meant... Plenty Taken (1995)


Anonymous said...

I'll download this just because you mentioned The Jesus Lizard! lol By the way, cool blog, i'll catch up everything!

ed said...

Third album. Their discog looks like this:

1992 - Au Fou (album)
1992 - Bogieman (ep)
1992 - Peel sessions (ep)
1993 - Stoked (ep)
1994 - Head of the Next one
1994 - Take a ride (7")
1995 - No offence meant... Plenty taken (album)
1996 - Claudine (ep)
1996 - Erase yer head 2 (split 7")
1997 - Pigment of imagination (album)

ed said...

D'oh! 1994 - Head of the Next one (album)