Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Speedfreaks from Sweden was a high octane Rock 'n' Roll band that mixed several styles like Hard Rock, Stoner Rock and Punk. And they play it fast. The vocals reminds me a lot of Spice (Spiritual Beggars, Kayserchief, etc.). The songs on Out For Kicks! are real awesome. Nice stuff when you're driving your car. It's too bad they quitted in 2008.
(Thanks again, Anders!)

From Sweden, and concretely Gothenburg arise Speedfreaks, although with a music far from the so-called "gothenburg sound". Mature, personal and powerful rock, that take roots in bands as Motörhead, Black Label Society, Black Sabbath and The Cult, but obtaining their own and original sound, based in a mixture between rock'n'roll, hard rock, plus some touches of metal and punk. High energy and pure Rock'n Roll, plenty of power, aggressiveness, good melodies and catchy songs full of brilliant riffs.
(From somewhere on their website)

Speedfreaks - Out For Kicks! (2006)

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