Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Kings Of Frog Island

The Kings Of Frog Island is the second project of Mat Bethancourt, famous from the band Josiah, The Beginnig and Cherry Choke. The Kings Of Frog Island displays great Stoner Rock with Psychedelic Garage elements. This is the second album and it shows more progression comparing with the first album. Great songs are: Hallucination, Welcome To The Void and Witching Hour. This is another fine album of Elektrohash Records. Enjoy!

"II, the accurately titled second album, is purported to be part of a trilogy. It's also a step up from The Kings of Frog Island, the band's debut. Considering how good that album was, that's no small feat. The show begins with a shaggy-haired, psychedelic garage rocker. The next track is reminiscent of Josiah, singer/guitarist Mat Bethancourt's other, soon-to-be-defunct group. It's lock-step groove, thick distortion, and frantic, emotional soloing make it another highlight in an album full of them. That's the best part about II - you can pick any track at random and dig right in. You're guaranteed to a healthy dose of classic, no bullshit rock n roll. The final chapter to the Kings of Frog Island saga can't come soon enough."
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The Kings Of Frog Island - II (2008)


Anonymous said...

Really like Josiah so this will be interesting.


chaosmonger said...

QOTSA rip off, maybe unfair but my view.

Anonymous said...

you are unfair, I find them pretty great; their 3rd album might be even better, as far as I listened to them.