Sunday, January 31, 2010

Great Croatian Stoner Rock.

From Zagreb, Croatia comes Stonebride. This Stoner Rock band is great! There are some Blues influences at their first album called Inner Seasons. I like to play this album on my mp3 player when I go to work. Stonebride knows how to write nice songs. I hope they will release their follow-up album soon! As far as I know there's a split 12" scheduled with Suma. Well, doesn't that sound promising? Enjoy!

STONEBRIDE is a band from Zagreb, Croatia, that seek its own musical and spiritual philosophy through endless fields of blues driven, sludge amped and psychedelic rock spaces, since the winter of 2005. Band recorded and self-released three track EP called SMILE & SHINE in September 2006. Huge ammount of gigs were played in Croatia, Slovenia and the first European tour took place after it was recorded. In 2007. the band worked on new songs and recorded them for a future release. The legendary engine-ear and producer, mr. Billy Anderson who has worked with the bands as NEUROSIS, THE MELVINS, SLEEP, KISS IT GOODBYE, EYEHATEGOD, FANTOMAS, HIGH ON FIRE, OM, SICK OF IT ALL, BOTTOM, CAVITY, BONGZILLA, ACID KING, LOS NATAS, SUMA etc., took care of mixing, mastering and additional noising of the albuml! It is titled INNER SEASONS and it shows the bands' intension to progress and to evolve even more. In 2008. the band went on several occasions to play all over Europe (Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Nederland and Germany) which also included a month long tour in May 2008. On that tour the band was approached by a record label who shared the same passion and vision for the music. As a result, INNER SEASONS ended up beeing Stonebrides' first official release on CD and LP (black and blue versions), through Berlin based Seta.light records In Germany and even more gigs came on to the bands' menu,including some cool festivals like SWAMP ROOM MANIA and STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND. So far they have share the stages with SUMA, ULTRAPHALLUS , FLU.ID, GET HUSTLE , ZIPPO , VANDAL X , RAMON ZARATE, TONER LOW, KARMA TO BURN, ALIX, MONKEY 3, COLOUR HAZE, THE FREEKS, MY SLEEPING KARMA, CHERRY CHOKE, MAJMOON, COOGAN'S BLUFF, BURN PILOT, DUKATALON, BORN TO HULA, TALBOT etc.. At the moment band is writing songs for the new album due to be recorded in early 2010. Members of Stonebride have played or still play in bands: GOOD DAY TO DIE, IGUT, CHANG FFOS, BASTINADO and THE LIGHTROOM.
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Stonebride - Inner Seasons (2008)


Anonymous said...

Sweet, this sounds great, thanks very much,

yeoldstinkeye said...

Yes, Thanks. I've been listening to this quite a lot lately. Great post!