Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Another Proof That Sweden Is The Place To Be For Great Stoner Rock.

A big thanks again to Anders from Sweden for sending me this great album!
Sideburn is a Swedish Stoner Rock band with huge 70's Hard Rock influences. The Newborn Sun is their second album. This is really great stuff! Sideburn play their songs very well. I like this sound that's completed with an organ. According to their mySpace Sideburn is influenced by the following: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Rainbow, Ufo, The Cult, MSG, Badlands, The Tea Party, Blue Murder, Spiritual Beggars, Whitesnake, Rising Force, Soundgarden, Scorpions, Rush, Tool, Goatsnake, Kansas, Uriah Heep, Europe, Church Of Misery, Kyuss and many more.
So you know what you're dealing with! Enjoy!

There's probably some sort of correlation between the title of Sideburn's sophomore album and that of their 2002 debut, Trying to Burn the Sun. Perhaps in the five years between albums they managed to complete the task and are now celebrating the rise of a new gaseous orb. Perhaps it's more metaphorical, that the band, no longer dormant and with a new drummer, is reinvigorated and ready to once again take on the world. Perhaps this album is the second in a trilogy of star-related albums, with The Sun Sets on the Rising Son to follow in 2012.

Of those three, the second's the most likely, and had I managed to nab a copy of Trying to Burn the Sun, I could work with it. As it stands, however, The Newborn Sun is all I know of this Swedish four-piece. I do know that most bands from that region fall easily in the "sounds like Kyuss" category (for better or for worse), but Sideburn sidesteps that and instead chases the '70's arena gods – Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin predominantly, but you can pick up scant traces of Uriah Heep and Mountain here and there as well. Given the current year and the band's age, it's not surprising that Sideburn's take on that s t y l e is also fairly bombastic - they obviously spent some time enthralled with '80's metal before reaching back to the previous decade for inspiration.

For some, that may come off as a bit too heavy-handed, but what Sideburn did most is remind me of Badlands, the '80's band that confused a legion of head bangers when they tried to play heavy music that traded flash pots and fog machines for bluesy riffs and soulful singing. So if you've got fond memories of that Ray Gillen/Jake E. Lee project (or enjoy more current bands like The Quill or the short-lived The Moon), this Sun's for you.

(By John Pegoraro at StonerRock.com)

Sideburn - The Newborn Sun (2007)

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