Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stoner Metal From Cleveland.

From Cleveland, Ohio comes Forged In Flame. This band plays some Metal with a great Stoner vibe and there are also some Hard Rock influences on this self-titled EP. I'm looking forward to the first full-lenght album from Forged In Flame. This Ep displays some real talent in songwriting and musical capability. Just listen to the guitar riffs, their awesome!
I have to thank the guys from Planetfuzz for publishing this fine EP.
Enjoy and give Forged In Flame some support!

Amongst the homogenized landscape of metal bands, Forged in Flame have come forward to challenge the genre's typical formula. Mixing equal parts prog rock, metal and doom, they prove that heavy music can still be catchy.

Formed in 2006, Forged in Flame currently consists of Gary Kane (Vocals), Jay Bonnell (Guitars), Jay Clark (Bass), and Jon Vinson (Drums). After months of relentless writing, rehearsals and a couple line up changes they began recording at Ante Up Audio with engineers Matt Curry(Ozzy) and Cole Martinez at the helm. Forged In Flame's demo garnered lots of local attention drawing comparisons to such heavyweights as Clutch, Mastodon and Down. The band plans on having their debut full length album out by winter of this year.

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Forged In Flame - Forged In Flame EP (2008)

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yeoldstinkeye said...

Sweet. I got this a few days ago. It's pretty good.