Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Low Desert Punk.

Brant Bjork needs no introduction. This former drummer of Kyuss and Fu Manchu made his first solo album in 1999. This album called Jalamanta is a real feel good album. There are 12 cool songs of smooth Desert Rock on this album. The most famous song is Low Desert Punk. But all the songs are great on Jalamanta. Enjoy!

In the 1990s, Man's Ruin earned a reputation for loud, in-your-face rock and thrived on heavy metal, alternative rock, stoner rock, and punk. Brant Bjork's Jalamanta was a surprising departure for Man's Ruin in that the Bay Area label had never before put out anything so funky and R&B-influenced. Combining psychedelic rock and soul/ funk, this unpredictable effort has strong late-1960s/early-1970s leanings -- think War, Buddy Miles, and early Funkadelic, and you'll get an idea where singer/guitarist/drummer Bjork is coming from on such items as "Waiting for the Coconut to Drop," "Automatic Fantastic," and "Too Many Chiefs...Not Enough Indians." There are also hints of California's Mexican-American rock innovators from the Baby Boomer era -- one gets the impression that Bjork has spent time listening to Santana and might be hip to El Chicano and Azteca as well. This is an interesting and chance-taking, if uneven, CD that fans of experimental rock and soul will want to search for.
(By Alex Henderson at All Music Guide)

Brant Bjork - Jalamanta (1999)

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