Saturday, November 13, 2010

Two Years Of Insanity!

This blog is two years existing this very day. And it's still my pleasure posting music here! In these two years I've posted a lot of music and I like to thank the bands who have shared their music. I also like to thank the readers of this blog, especially the ones who has bothered to give a comment!
To celebrate this anniversary, I like to offer you a Suma album. (Just as last year!)
This is the re-released debut album from the Stoner Doom masters from Malmö, Sweden. In my idea Suma was very influenced by Electric Wizard in the time that Suma has recorded this album. But you can also hear bits and pieces that has lead to the development of their very own sound. Let The Churches Burn will always be my favorite Suma album, but this album is also great to listen! (As all other Suma stuff is!) Enjoy!

Suma - Suma (2005)


dan said...

Happy birthday fella, you've provided me with some great music over the last 2 years. Hopefully there's loads more to come.

Mari said...

Happy double birthday for your awesome blog, Riez!
Keep on with your great work!
\m/ \m/ \m/

Anonymous said...



Ron said...

Congratulations to you, keep on going!
Great post, love this one

Wild Thing said...

Happy birthday and thanks again for all the great music you share!

Chief-Iron-Lung said...

Happy anniversary! RIEZ IS HERE TO STAY! Thanks for introducing to me some great bands I probably wouldn't have heard otherwise! Keep up the great work!

Garnet said...

Happy Birthday Riez! Thanks for posting all these kickass bands for the masses. Cheers!

Matias said...

Happy Birthday my friend! hope RIEZ is here to stay for a long time.
(not like the fucker at the GOME haha)

limbocolectivo said...

feliz second year!!!!