Monday, November 15, 2010

Jacksonville Finest

Thanks to Jarad from Orlandooom Promotions for suggesting this pay-what-you-want album!
Hollow Leg is a duo from Jacksonville, U.S.A. These guys offer you one of the best albums of this year! Hollow Leg plays Stoner/Doom/Sludge Metal and they do that so damn good. Everything is right here: Excellent guitar riffs, great drumming and awesome singing. This band is according to their Facebook page influenced by the following: Dark Castle, Junior Bruce, SixDeadHorses, Cough, Zoroaster, Eye Hate God, Weedeater, Black Sabbath, Failure, Cave In, Mastodon, Sleep, High on Fire, Orange Goblin, Zeppelin, Floyd, Neurosis, Down, Crowbar, Black Pyramid, Subrig Destroyer, Melvins and Bad Bra.
The album Instinct is completely dominated by the riff! All nine songs on this album are great! To be short: This album is an absolute impressive masterpiece and highly recommended! Enjoy!

HOLLOW LEG are two guys, Brent and Tim. That is the whole band. They both live in Jacksonville but grew up together in the Boston hardcore and metal underground. Their mission now is to keep THE RIFF alive and well by playing a loud mix of rock/doom/blues/metal with one guitar and one drum set. HOLLOW LEG are currently involved with writing and demoing original material. New demo songs will be added when they are recorded. Please contact the band through this site about booking, merch, etc. Thank you for reading, listening, and commenting. We will be here when you come back.
(From Facebook)

Hollow Leg - Instinct (2010)

DOWNLOAD (Bandcamp)

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