Saturday, November 20, 2010

One Track Of Fantastic Psychedelic Stöner

This album from the Italian band Stöner Kebab contains only one track, but it takes 33 minutes and 33 seconds! Stöner Kebab serves you some excellent Psychedelic Stoner Rock with this track. Enjoy!

If after having bought Ufomammut you've caught yourself thinking these Italians were really talented I think it's time to add another name to you agenda in view of the fact it looks like stoner rock from "Bel Paese" is having its say. One track, almost thirty three minutes of music and a good song construction. I'm still not sure the "long suite" solution is proper for them, but these Kebab lovers did it comfortably well even while defragmenting the song different organization with breaks, ups or downs. It all sounds really sludge right from the first riff, but after a while it gets soft and psychedelical: c'mon it's stoner at last!. Good riffs, good vocals, every sequence suits perfectly with those who comes first and with those following like a gear in a well oiled engine. Many will probably wonder if these guys have the Southern Lord' sound: sort of...they're way more melodic, seventies and "trippy". With some stoner bands you can see the Easy Rider's guy pushing the accelerator of their choppers, Imber Vulgi could be that part of the soundtrack when they're riding and the sun goes down just to add some romance to the whole post-Sabbath rifforama and given they gets heavier and darker when the songs end is approaching. To reach the climax Stoner Kebab added synths, harmonica and some effects to the guitar driven essence of their music and arranged it all with a hell of a taste. "You know I'm going to lose, and gambling's for fools, but that's the way I like it baby, I don't want to live forever".
(By Andrea Ferraris at Chain D.L.K.)

Stöner Kebab - Imber Vulgi (2007)


stonerphonic said...
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stonerphonic said...

nothing wrong with a damn long stoner groove song. sleep's jerusalem clocks in over 60 + mins, and the original version of jerusalem (dopesmoker) popped out at over 70 mins.

33:33 is a walk in the park!!!

thanks bro.