Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And Now... Something Completely Different

This is something for people who are familiar with the dutch language!
De Raggende Manne were a band that plays some strange music. It is a mix-up of several genres like Metal, Punk, Jazz and Noise. But the music is not really a matter here. It's all about the lyrics. For that you have to comprehend the dutch language. I'm a big fan of Bob Fosko and I always liked De Raggende Manne, although I never seen them perform on stage and that's a pity. This is a compilation I have made. I added also two songs of Bob Fosko's later band called De Gorelev. I think many of you don't like this post, but I had the urge to do this! Enjoy!

"De Raggende Manne" was a sound that originated in 1988 and raged on until 1999. Typically they were refreshingly raw energy, their lyrics telling - critically and with humor - and the roar into the microphone of lead singer Bob Fosko. All this accompanied by much noise guitar and drum violence ...
(A piece from the MySpace fanpage translated with Google Translate)

De Raggende Manne - De Ongeauthoriseerde Compilatie

MySpace (Fanpage)

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