Monday, November 8, 2010

Hart Gore

I should be ashamed, because until a few days ago I never heard of this band.
Gore was a band from Venlo, Netherlands. This band played a sort of instrumental noise. Hart Gore was their debut album released in 1986. This album is an absolute masterpiece. This album contains songs that are both simple and attractive. Hart Gore is recently re-released by Southern Lord Records. Why I ever have overlooked this album will always be a unanswered question! Enjoy!

Gore were a Dutch rock band formed in 1985, characterized as instrumental noise rock, who released six studio albums, one live album, and had two compilation appearances between 1986 and 1997. One of the band's studio albums was released on the Megadisc label. They split up in 1996.
The band's initial line was Pieter De Sury (guitar, previously played in Venlo-based band Disgust), Martin Van Cleef (bass, also from Disgust) and Danny Arnold Lommen (drums, previously played guitar in Venlo-based band Pandemonium). With this line-up, the band's concept was developed and the music heard on the Hart Gore LP was written. After a short period of time, Van Cleef left the band and Rob Frey (aka Marij Hel) took over on bass.
With the line-up of Pieter De Sury, Rob Frey and Danny Arnold, the band began playing live locally. In march 1986, they entered the studio to record their first LP, entitled Hart Gore. After Hart Gore and the follow-up, Mean Man's Dream, they then released a live album featuring Gore on one side and Henry Rollins on the other. In 1988, the band played at the New Music Seminar in New York, and signed to the large Megadisc label, releasing the double album Wrede/The Cruel Peace in 1988, the album co-produced by Steve Albini. The lack of commercial success led the band to split up.
Frey reformed the band in 1991 with new musicians (guitarist Johan Van Reede and drummer Bardo Maria), and released the double-CD album Lifelong Deadline. The following year they again performed at the New Music Seminar in New York, playing at The Knitting Factory.
In January 1994, Gore toured Europe in support of the CD reissues of Hart Gore and Mean Man's Dream on Messback Music CD.
Gore released their final album, Mest/694'3 in February 1997 with the line-up from Lifelong Deadline intact.
A final Gore CD, entitled Slow-Death, was included free in an issue of 'Gonzo Circus' magazine late in 1997. It contained a mixture of alternate/unreleased and live versions of songs from Lifelong Deadline and Mest/694'3.
Rob Frey went on to play guitar in the band De Nieuwe Blijdschap.
Gore received considerable airplay from BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, and recorded three sessions for his radio show between 1987 and 1991, amounting to a lot of airtime given the length of their tracks.


Gore - Hart Gore (1986)

Thanks and credits to Pileshifter!

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