Friday, November 26, 2010

Great Italian Instrumental Psychedelics

This outstanding piece of work that was send to me by Brano of the band Manthra Dei. Thank you for that, Brano!
Manthra Dei is an Instrumental Psychedelic trio from Brescia, Italy and this is their same titled debut EP. This EP contains two awesome tracks that both are around 18 minutes long. The guys of Manthra Dei are very good musicians. The guitar player is so damn good! And his playing is well complemented by the drummer and bassist. This band is very good with letting you get carried away with their music. This is the kind of music that I want to hear in a live performance! This EP brings me in a state of trance and in a state of euphoria! One funny thing: The start of the second track sounds a lot of Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix. Enjoy!

Manthra Dei - Manthra Dei EP (2010)

1. Der Waldgang
2. The Mute Machine

Paolo - guitar
Michele - drums
Brano - bass

Recorded and mixed by Zven in November 2010 at Orange Studios, Ponte Buggianese (PT) - Italy.
Produced by Manthra Dei & Electric Goat Rec. (EG002) in November 2010.

Inlay and cover artwork is under kind courtesy of Brescia Psychiatric Center.


dan said...

I love instrumental psychedelia, this sounds like very much my bag. Thanks very much. Instrumental for ever \m/

sabbathian said...

First impressions remind me of a cross between Rotor and The Samsara Blues Experiment(without the Vocals)