Monday, November 1, 2010

Great French Post Metal

A couple of weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised by the Hate/Life sampler by the French label Throatruiner Records.
As We Draw is also a band at that label and this band is also present with an older track on the Hate/Life Sampler.
This is their new album and the result is fabulous! As We Draw plays some awesome experimental and progressive Post Metal. The singer sounds if he is really full of misery. The music sounds so atmospheric. This trio treats you on nine dejected tracks and they're all great! Let your spirit soar with this wonderful album! Enjoy!

Yeah, i'm not objective at all, but whatever! I'm the Throatruiner Records dude, i have already mail you some weeks ago about our Hate/Life compilation, and, following the free-download politic i'm trying to lead, i want to share my new release as much as possible. This is the first album of my good friends from AS WE DRAW, and when i hear it, i'm fucking proud to have one of the most promising post-metal band in my roster. They are only three, they're just in their twenty, they're just incredible.
(By Matthias from Throatruiner Records)

As We Draw - Lines Breaking Circles (2010)

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