Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Sludge/Doom Goodness From Florida.

Thanks again to Jarad from Orlandooom Promotions for sharing this album! And now is Jarad himself the singer!
Bad Actor is a Sludge/Doom Metal fivesome from Orlando, U.S.A. This band excels with some real good riffs. This band has all that it needs: Heavy and aggressive music, pounding drums and bass and an excellent singer that properly suits with the music.
Their album called Portrait Of Finality is a collection of songs that is recorded in the period 2007 - 2009. This album is another piece of supremacy you don't want to miss! Enjoy!

Bad Actor, a duet made whole, was founded with one purpose.

Playing loud and heavy music! Taking up home base in Orlando FL, we are attempting to provide music with an innovative and abrasive presentation. Furious and focused, this group of bearded dudes will take their art and play through the loudest amps they can find with extreme unrelenting ferocity. And then proceed to ignite that art with steaming hot lava.

Current Lineup (as of January ‘10):
Jarad - Vocals
Mike - Guitar
Scott - Bass
Justin - Drums
Ken - Guitar

Additional Studio Vocals on Triangular Room provided by Dennis Scelza.

Former Members

David Kratzer (2007-2009) - Drums
Matt Koch (2009) - Drums
Jesse Borsella (2007-2010) (The Hunter’s Paw, Fumar, Alexandria) - Guitar

Bad Actor’s first eight track demo, As the Curtain Rises, was made available for free in June 2008. Their first LP was released in September 2009 titled “Portrait of Finality”.

(Their bio from LastFM)

Bad Actor, taking up home base in Orlando FL, is attempting to provide music with a genuine and abrasive presentation. Furious as fuck, this five piece will take their art and shove it straight into your corn cob pipe with extreme unrelenting force.
(Their bio from Facebook)

Bad Actor - Portrait Of Finality (2009)

DOWNLOAD (Bandcamp)

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