Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two Split Singles of Toner Low

Toner Low is an Awesome Stoner Doom band from Leiden, Holland. These are two split 7" singles they have made a while ago.
The first is a split with the Stoner Rock band Fal-Tor-Voh. This Stoner Rock band came also from Leiden. There is almost no information to find about Fal-Tor-Voh. Except for this website. (There are some tracks you can download at that site).
The second split single is a collaboration with the band Abe Diddy & The Krautboys from Alkmaar, Holland. Abe Diddy & The Krautboys plays Stoner Rock with some Blues influences. Enjoy!

Toner Low/Abe Diddy & The Krautboys - Split 7" (2006)

Toner Low/Fal-Tor-Voh - Split 7" (2002)

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