Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nice Argentinian Grunge

Thanks to the guys of Likwid for sharing their album!
Likwid is an alternative Rock band from Córdoba, Agentinia. This foursome plays mainly Grunge with influences such as Funk, Punk and in my opinion even a bit Stoner Rock. The result is this self-titled album. It is a nice piece of work. It contains twelve decent tracks and these are pleasant to the ear. Enjoy!

Likwid began rehearsing in 2000, intending to achieve a modern sound while respecting the roots of what we know as grunge. The band's style of a power trio with separate voice, achieving an 90's sound, mixing rock, funk and punk. It was from August 2001 we started playing live, touring much of the local circuit in various places such as Coronado, Tabasco, Diogenes, Captain Blue, Al Azif, Casa Babylon and festivals of great magnitude in the Interior of Cordoba in our city, such as festivals Paralocs and la Primavera en el Parque de las Naciones,, in addition to massive events such as concerts in Plaza San Martin of the Inspectorate, college festivals, benefit, etc. playing a leading role as a band of stars in some cases. The themes of the band are unique. All songs are sung entirely in English (for now). The lyrics are made by Martin, while the music comes from trials of the band together. Likwid said goodbye after four years of stage and missed a last show on Friday, June 17, 2005 in Captain Blue, after almost a year without playing live.
(Translated from MySpace with Google translate)

Likwid - Likwid (2004)


Matias said...

how the fuck did you know bout this man?? I'm in Argentina and haven't heard from them.. haha
cheers man!
I posted another great instrumental argentinean unknown band you will dig it.

Insane Riez said...

I didn't find Likwid! Likwid has found me!