Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Way To Shine

Spiritual Beggars is a Hard Rock influenced Stoner Rock band from Sweden. They just released their album Return To Zero. About this album I can be brief: I do not like it! The Stoner sound is almost gone on this album. I prefer their old work far more.
Another Way to Shine is their second album and in my opinion one of their best releases.
The bass player and singer Spice has an important role on the earlier Spiritual Beggars albums. This man has an incredible voice. There is no one that sound like him.
Great songs on Another Way To Shine are: Magic Spell, Blind Mountain and Nowhere To Go (with a beautiful sounding organ). Enjoy!

Led by former Carcass and ongoing Arch Enemy member Michael Amott's fuzzed-out guitar riffs, the Spiritual Beggars never let up on Another Way to Shine, one of the best stoner coming-out parties of the '90s. Kicking off the debut in typically energetic fashion, "Magic Spell" blasts the top off of Another Way to Shine, setting a high standard for the following eight tracks. All comparisons and genre-tagging aside, this track just plain rocks. Music so accomplished paradoxically solicits the simplest of descriptions, so there's no sense complicating descriptions of this stoner gem with obvious comparisons and inadequate adjectives. Suffice to say that fans of the genre will love the more energetic entries and appreciate all of Another Way to Shine. There is some lumbering, relatively dull material toward the record's finish, but second-rate offerings from Amott and company easily surpass most records dished out during later waves of stoner rock. Highly recommended.
(By Vincent Jeffries at All Music Guide)

Spiritual Beggars - Another Way To Shine (1996)


Ron said...

Love this more then their recent one!!

Wild Thing said...

As I only discovered the band with the last album (which I don't like at all), I thank you for giving me another chance to appreciate this band!

Anonymous said...

Spiritual Beggars is so tasteless without any Spice...

Vargen said...

Already got this album and it rocks! Cheers from Halmstad - Home of the beggars!

Wild Thing said...

Thanks a lot dude for this album, I really like that one!!!! If someone could give me a piece of advice on the Beggars disco (which album rocks like this one and not like the last one), he's welcome!