Friday, September 10, 2010

An Impressive Split Album

This split LP is an absolute display of heaviness. This piece of vinyl represents the best of the Swedish city Malmö: Suma and Pyramido.
Side A contains the song Acidlindgren. This is yet another proof of the supremacy of Suma. Acidlindgren is a Doom trip that lasts for sixteen minutes.
Side B holds the Pyramido songs No Words and I Grevens Tid. With these two songs Pyramido continues what they've started on their album Sands. And that is playing some great Sludge with Doom and Hardcore influences. I'm impressed by this singer who is really screaming his lungs out. Enjoy!

Suma/Pyramido Split LP (2010)

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Mari said...

OMG ... fantastic! Thanks a lot, Riez!!!