Sunday, September 26, 2010

Massive Impressive

Thanks to Jelle from the Electric Earth label for sending this promo!
SardoniS is a Belgian duo that plays some awesome Instrumental Sludge/Doom Metal. Their first release was a 7' single in 2008. This is their impressive self-titled debut album, released in april 2010 by MeteorCity.
The nine songs on this album have a very dark atmosphere and are heavy as hell. What strikes me are the heavy riffs. These guys did a really great job on this album. All with all an excellent and recommended album!
On the first of october this album will be released on vinyl, but there's only a limited number of 500! (300 on black and 200 on silver vinyl!) This is a co-release between the labels Electric Earth Records (Belgium), Heavy Birth Records (The Netherlands) and Hydro-Phonic Records (U.S.A.). So hurry if you want to get it! Enjoy!

SardoniS - SardoniS (Promo CD 2010)

Buy it here, here or here


Robin said...

Great to see this one here. Fantastic album, one of the few really fucking good sludge/stoner/doom acts here in Belgium. 2 guys with a huge love for huge riffs, you can't go wrong!

Mari said...

This is impressive ... Thanks!