Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gods And Angels

Thanks again to João for sending his new EP!
Last april I've posted the demo by the Brazilian one man band Hell Reaper, formed by João Ricardo Pacheco. This is the EP Gods And Angels. With this EP João is more focused on Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and less on Stoner Rock and Grunge.
João did again a great job with the drumming machine. The Gods And Angels EP is pretty short, just as the songs. In my opinion these could have been more longer. In overall, Gods And Angels is a decent EP, but in the future, the songs could be slightly more developed. João and I are very interested in your opinion, so tell us what you think by leaving a comment. Enjoy!

Hell Reaper - Gods And Angels (2010)

1 comment:

Leo said...

I especialy like the song 'Don't Bring Her Back To Life'!

Great song!