Sunday, September 12, 2010

Los Natas Vs. Cabron

I offer you again a split EP with Los Natas. This EP features two songs of Los Natas and three songs of the band Cabron. One of the songs by Los Natas is the Kyuss cover Allen's Wrench.
Cabron is a band from Leuven, Belgium. This band plays some nice Stoner Rock. Cabron has released their self-titled debut album in 2005. Cabron plays on this split EP three tracks that are pleasant to listen. Don't expect anything special, but these songs are quite alright! All in all a decent EP. Enjoy!

This is one of 3 in the beginning of a new series of split 10” records with really cool fold out Malleus artwork. The Argentinean band, Lost Natas, provide us with two unreleased tracks. The first is a cover of the Kyuss song Allen’s Wrench. As Los Natas were almost a Kyuss cover band in the beginning, they put in a strong one on this track. Highway Sun is a remixed version of the song from the Toba Trance CD and also quite Kyuss influenced. Cabron are a Belgium band and although they have been on the scene for some years, this is actually the bands debut material. It features 3 songs from their demo CD from 2003 but it was remixed in 2005. Burden is a high energy stoner track with a strong rhythm hard drive and a sort of indie rock chorus like part. Parascending features some really cool playing by the band and is instrumental. Backlash is almost like stoner pop. Cool stuff.. I guess that these records are going to be highly collectable!
(By Scott Heller at Aural Innovations)

Los Natas/Cabron Split 10" (2006)

Los Natas Website & Myspace

Cabron Myspace

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