Friday, September 10, 2010

Los Natas Vs. Solodolor

Sergio Ch. is the guitar player and singer of Los Natas. With this EP Sergio worked with some other people. This resulted on side A in three aggressive songs. These songs are also on the recently released album Solodolor from Los Natas. The song on side B is strange, weird and dark psychedelic. This song called Gitanos appeared later on the album Musica De La Resistencia from Ararat. The singer on this split EP is El Topo, he did a great job with the Solodolor songs. I like that aggression. On Gitanos El Topo does same strange singing, what perfectly fits with this song. This EP is a great Buzzville release. Still I wonder... Why isn't this EP called Solodolor Vs. Ararat. Enjoy!

Solodolor is a project that saw the light in 2006 during the producing of the Los Natas recording sessions of El Hombre Montana. Producer Billy Anderson and Natas lead guitarist Sergio Ch. had some free time on their hands and while jamming they invited some other friends. By the end of the night songs had taken form and after some more rehearsing several songs were recorded. This project consists of: Billy Anderson (Porn, Blessing The Hogs) Bass; Sergio Ch (Los Natas, Santoro) Guitar; Rowek (V8, Rata Blanca, Nativo) Drums; El Topo (Santoro, Eight Hands For Kali) Throat. These guys just wanted to have some jamming fun but what crawled out of their inspiration are some awesome metal tunes inspired by heavy and death metal, loud old school hardcore punk and everything in between that will blast your ears. They even decided to do a ballad (Ballada de Solodolor). Go figure!! We don't really know if this project will spawn some more creativity but we are pleased and excited to release these superb songs on this 10".

Sergio Ch., lead guitarist and head honcho of the Argentinean "stoner" band Los Natas, has talked his good friend El Topo (Santoro, Eight Hands For Kali) in to joining him to record some songs. What the ultimate reason for these songs is isn't sure but he is giving us an example of his performing art on the second side of this superb 10". The result are the Los Natas Ararat sessions, droning cult psychodelic music Toba Trance style with some weird vocals put into them. Will we hear more of these Los Natas Ararat sessions? Only time will tell but we, for one, surely hope so.

Los Natas are one of Argentina's biggest rock bands with coverage in local and national newspapers on a regular basis. They started out in 1995 and have been building a huge fan base all over the world. They have shared the stage with several national and international headliners such as: Porn, Mudhoney, Motorhead, Queens of the stone age, Iggy and the Stooges... They toured Latin America, America and Europe several times and keep on going. There's no stopping these guys.

The artwork for this split 10" was designed by Italian collective Malleus. This vinyl release is strictly limited to 1.000 copies!


Los Natas Vs. Solodolor 10" Split EP (2008)

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Wild Thing said...

Thanks a lot! I appreciate Los Natas but I have never heard about Ararat nor Solodolor! I'm going to dig them now!

Mari said...

Great split indeed. And the part by Solodolor is particularly killer!

Waiting for my own copy of this album, stuck somewhere in the mysterious spyres of the Italian mail system ... :-o