Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Spanish Masterpiece

A lot of bands found their way to this blog to seek promotion for their music. This blog would be pretty worthless without these contributions! So I want to express my gratitude to all bands who has sent their music!
One of these bands is Domo from the Spanish city of Alicante. One of the members of this band, Paco, sent me their first album!
Domo is an Instrumental Psychedelic Stoner Rock band with experimental tendencies and this trio plays their music with a lot of conviction. This self titled debut album got it all! From the Heavy fuzz riffs till the some more relaxing passages, it all sounds awesome! These guys are truly great musicians. Domo treats you with this album over one hour of excellent tunes. Domo is definitely a new star in the Stoner firmament. This album is without any doubt an absolute recommendation! Enjoy!

Domo is formed in January of 2010 after the dissolution of other proyects and with the purpose of killing the thirst for experimentation and to liberate the dosage of adrenaline of its band members.

Practising psycodelic and electrifying rock Domo builts its foundations on experimentation and psycodelia. Using the clasic structures of Hard Rock as a starting point they run through a wide variety of musical styles.

¨We make music using dark riffs, trying to create intense atmospheres...¨

¨From Heavy to Kraut Rock, it can all inspire us when writing a song..."

¨We always try to keep away from convencionalism when building the structures of a song...¨

Their concerts combine wild and intense moments with long and hipnotising atmospheres and in their short career they have shared lineup with bands like Mystic Frequency Worm, The Hapiness Project, Kayser Sozé or Piñata and have also participated in various spanish festivals.

Their participation in ¨Territorio Lunar¨ (Santa Maria del Páramo, León), a festival dedicated in body and mind to Hard Rock and Psycodelia, was a turning point for their career, as well as the organization and participation in the ¨Festival en el Castillo¨ festival (Santa Pola, Alicante) last summer, which was made possible thanks to the initiative and dedication of the bands that formed the lineup.

Domo brought out their first homonymous album in August of 2010, an album full of lysergic sounds and a large dosage of experimentation, and are right now emmerged in the creation of new songs for a future album, which we hope, will see the light of day in a near future.
(Their bio)

Domo - Domo (2010)

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Enrique said...

I have seen in live this band in Alicante, my city, and the truth is that they music is great, with really hypnotic songs. A very advisable band!