Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Four Seasons And Hundred Flowers.

This nice EP was dropped as a comment in one of my posts by Kenny from Time Columns!
Time Columns is a Post Rock duo from Baltimore. These guys are according to their Facebook page influenced by: Explosions In The Sky, Battles, Tortoise, Steve Reich, Incubus, Toe, The Octopus Project, 65Daysofstatic, Tool, Don Caballero, Prefuse 73 and Flying Lotus.
Their music is rather complicated and the rhythms are very complex. Nevertheless, it is very interesting music. Despite the difficulty of the music it is very pleasant to listen. The electronics are a very welcome addition to their sounds. Give this EP a chance and you might like it! Enjoy!

Baltimore’s instrumental math rock duo Time Columns combines the radical elements of live looping and tight instrumentation with elements of post-rock, hip-hop and progressive rock. After spending years with other projects in the blossoming Baltimore experimental scene, Eaton and Benny broke off to create a brainchild of their own, tapping into influences from contemporaries like Battles, Explosions in the Sky and Don Caballero. They have been performing as Time Columns since early 2009.

Central to the group’s existence is the Gibson Echoplex- a digital looper that allows keyboard and guitar lines to be played back and overdubbed on the fly. When used in a live setting, it gives the illusion of many performers playing at the same time and smashes what previous limits had been placed on the two-man band format.

Following a successful East Coast Tour in 2009-2010, Time Columns self-released their debut EP, Sunriseinthesea, on Mystery Ton Records. The five tracks on the EP marked a turning point in “modern” rock, expanding on the rhythmic foundations of Battles but emphasizing the need for melody and dynamic pacing reminiscent of the post-rock genre.

(From CD

Time Columns - Sunriseinthesea EP (2009)

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